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Just Carrots from The AIM Companies is an all natural whole food supplement high in beta-carotene and vitamin A. This carrot powder concentrate can help provide the daily nutrition you need to develop a strong foundation for your good health. I personally no longer use Just Carrots, because of my systemic candida (read more below); however I do recommend it for most everyone else. For full disclosure I sell this product; however I tried and believed in this product first and then sold it, not the other way around. I know of no better and easier way to get an all natural whole food form of beta-carotene into your body than with Just Carrots.

Just Carrots has live enzymes and is a great dietary supplement for those concerned with age related diseases. It has special nutrition for the eyes and skin. Just Carrots is a powerful antioxidant, prevents cell damage, and helps to maintain whole body health. Just Carrots is very simple to take. I just mix it in water and drink right away. It can be taken with other products such as Redibeets and BarleyLife; however it should be taken at least one hour before taking Herbal Fiberblend for optimal absorption. It can also be taken sublingual by placing Just Carrots under the tongue; however I prefer to drink mine as a juice in water. The only product comparison I can make to Just Carrots is getting juice from a Norwalk juicer. You can feel the effects of Just Carrots while you’re drinking it. The only difference with Just Carrots is you don’t have to do any juicing.

Just Carrots is an excellent source of vitamin A in the form of natural beta-carotene. Twenty-five pounds of raw pesticide free carrots are used to make one pound of Just Carrots. Each serving contains over 400% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin A. I personally noticed an improvement in my night vision when taking Just Carrots. Just Carrots have few if any negatives. There is no worry about taking too much of this all natural product because it is beta-carotene and not synthetic vitamin A. Worst case scenario, if you were taking excessive amounts of Just Carrots, is your skin could change colors to a nice golden tone; however it is still not harmful to the body in any way. The one major drawback, for people like me with systemic candida, is that carrots have a high glycemic index. Until you get your candida under control, which can be accomplished through colon cleansing and proper diet, I would not recommend taking Just Carrots or drinking any kind of carrot juice.

Just Carrots is an excellent way to get many important nutrients; including alpha and beta carotene, B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, iron, potassium and many antioxidants. It should become a part of most people’s daily diet. Lastly become not just a user of Just Carrots, but also become a wholesale member to save money on that and all future purchases as well. Not only will you get to use a great all natural whole food supplement to rejuvenate your body; you will also have the opportunity to start your own business!

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