What is an Incurable Disease?

An incurable disease is different things to different people. To some people it is a certain death sentence, to others it is a challenge. Who is right and who is wrong; they both are! We are what we think! If you think you have an incurable disease you will most likely succumb to it and possibly die. If you think you can be cured, you have begun to take your first step on the road to recovery.

In conventional language an incurable condition is strictly any medical abnormality that the medical establishment says can’t be cured. In other words the American Medical Association hasn’t figured out a way to make money off a supposed cure yet. If they ever do figure out a supposed cure that they can profit from, then your incurable disease will become just like every other disease. Never to be cured, however treatable with pharmaceutical drugs. This is not to suggest that anyone with any disease can be saved. You may have been born with a birth defect, for example a hole in your heart, or it just may be your time to die. Many people exposed to the radiation near the Fukushima Power Plant may also have diseases that no amount of medicine (natural or otherwise) can cure. However many of us were born normal (healthy) and over time we developed illnesses that now medical doctors say can’t be cured. It is for this class of people with incurable diseases that I believe most likely can be cured if they are determined enough.

Your health is in your hands; at least for now. The governments around the world are slowly passing legislation making it illegal for people to have access to remedies that will enable them to cure themselves. So if you do decide to take the plunge and journey to your own recovery; I recommend that you don’t wait too long. In the near future it may become a crime to get well!

Can someone really cure themselves from an incurable disease? The answer is Yes! People do it all the time. The media doesn’t like to report on it because it is bad for business (the medical establishment and drug companies). Some good doctors have attempted to spread the word of their cures only to be fined and thrown in jail for doing so. In other words, just because YOU don’t read, see, or hear about people overcoming their incurable illnesses doesn’t mean that it’s not happening.

Look at it this way, once upon a time you were well; now you aren’t! What happened between then and now? If you were working at the Fukushima Power Plant or got shot and have a bullet lodged in your head that’s one thing; but most of us don’t fall into that category. Nine times out of ten we got sick, because of what we ate, (are still eating it most likely), or our environment, or a combination of both. Even viruses like HIV can be overcome if you are committed enough. Don’t let anyone dictate to you your health! This way you’ll have no one to blame but yourself (that’s a good thing).

Some examples of an incurable disease are polio, curvature of the spine, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, leukemia, cancer, aids, and heart disease. This is a very small list and more new (medical establishment made up) names are added regularly. I myself suffer from candida, folliculitis, and vitiligo. (In my research I’ve discovered that they are all caused by candida in its various forms) All of my illnesses are incurable diseases according to the medical doctors.

You know what I find fascinating? If you don’t know what the cause of a disease is, how can you say for certain that there is no cure for it!!?? That would be like me saying because I can’t see very far into outer space; therefore I conclude that there isn’t any life out there. People believe what they want to believe. I hope because you’re reading this that you don’t take everything at face value. I hope that you are the type of person that questions what you’ve been told. Something happened to make you sick. Figure out what that was and you are half way home to a cure!

Just because everybody else in your family dropped dead from heart failure doesn’t mean that you have to also. It just means that if you do what everybody else in your family did then you probably will drop dead of heart failure too. The key is don’t be like everyone else. People know smoking is bad for them but they keep on smoking. People know that grandma died of heart failure, but they keep eating Kentucky Fried Chicken. I can’t stress this enough; now that you are sick you can not be like everybody else!

When your body has had enough; be it stress, bad nutrition, fecal matter lining your colon walls, heavy metals, chemicals, lack of exercise, no spirituality, etc.; that is when your body will rebel against you. Where your body decides to strike is where you are genetically predisposed to have problems. So for example, if grandma died of heart failure; when your body decides to strike back it will get you in your heart.

Just remember that you were healthy once and your body remembers what it was once like to be healthy. Your body is in a constant tug of war (with You!) to get back to the good old days of being healthy. So learn to help your body, and don’t fight your body, and you won’t have to worry about any family curse affecting you. So to recap an incurable disease for most people is in the eye of the beholder. If you are the type of person that does nothing (to change your condition) after being given your diagnosis; you might have an incurable disease. If you are the type of person that likes to be sick and get the sympathy from others that comes with it; you might have an incurable disease. If after getting your diagnosis you have made peace with God and are Ready to meet your maker; you definitely have an incurable disease. For the rest of us we will struggle on until we cure ourselves or die trying!

To your health.

the healthy colon guy