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Redibeets from The AIM Companies is an all natural whole food supplement high in potassium, betaine, and sodium. It features residue free red beets, a pure juice product with minimal fiber present, nutrients in natural proportion, no added sugar, and the benefits of juicing without having to juice. This beet powder concentrate can help provide the daily nutrition you need to develop a strong foundation for your overall good health.

I personally no longer use Redibeets, because of my systemic candida (read more below), however I do recommend it for most everyone else. For full disclosure I sell this product; however I tried and believed in this product first and then sold it, not the other way around. I know of no better and easier way to get all the benefits of all natural whole food beet juice into your body than with Redibeets. I can verify that it will help to detoxify one’s body, just be careful you don’t detoxify to quickly (read more below).

It takes twenty-five pounds of beets to make just one pound of Redibeets. Redibeets helps maintain whole body health and provides a cleansing effect on the body. Redibeets helps provide the daily nutrition you need to develop a strong foundation for your overall good health.

Redibeets is very simple to take. I just mix it in water and drink right away. It can be taken with other products such as Just Carrots and BarleyLife, however it should be taken at least one hour before taking Herbal Fiberblend for optimal absorption. It can also be taken sublingual by placing Redibeets under the tongue, however I prefer to drink mine as a juice in water. The only product comparison I can make to Redibeets is getting juice from a Norwalk juicer. You can feel the effects of drinking Redibeets immediately. The only difference with Redibeets is you don’t have to do any juicing.

Redibeets regulates water balance and acidity-alkalinity balance in the blood and tissues. It has anti-hepatotoxic effects, that is, the ability to counter damaging effects on the liver. In addition Redibeets supports cardiovascular health and is a potential cancer fighting agent. I personally can vouch for Redibeets as a detoxifier.

Redibeets has few if any negatives. One word of caution is the power of Redibeets as a detoxifier. I had to lower my dosage because Redibeets was detoxifying my body so quickly that I became light headed and dizzy. If this happens to you just lower your dosage level and as your body becomes healthier you can return back to the recommend dosage levels. The one major drawback, for people like me with systemic candida, is that beets have a high glycemic index. Until you get your candida under control, which can be accomplished through colon cleansing and proper diet, I would not recommend taking Redibeets or drinking any kind of beet juice. Diabetics and those concerned about blood glucose levels may not want to drink beet juice either.

Redibeets is an excellent way to get many important nutrients; including phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, vitamin A, niacin, folic acid, and biotin. It should become a part of most people’s daily diet.

Lastly become not just a user of Redibeets, but also become a wholesale member to save money on that and all future purchases as well. Not only will you get to use a great all natural whole food supplement to rejuvenate your body; you will also have the opportunity to start your own business!

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